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About Us

About Our Company

Admire FiberTex Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most reliable producers of Modern Non Woven Fabrics and consumable products. With more than 25 Years of Experience in Plastic and the Technical Textile Industry.
Admire Fibertex (India) Private Limited was established as an independent company in 2011 and is one of the leading manufacturers of PP Non-woven fabrics in India.
Admire Fibertex is the holder of the Non- Woven Fabric plant with largest width, which can produce PP Spun-Bond Non-Woven fabric of upto 4200MM. Our installed production capacity currently stands at 14,000 Metric Ton / Year. Alongwith the largest width capacity of 4200 MM Hydrophilic in India.
We have created a niche by constantly innovating our product range to cater the requirement of new age industrial needs.
Based on our deep insights of the characteristics of high-performance material, we are capable of providing our customers with customized solutions for industrial needs.
We are committed to making people’s lives safer, with innovative, high-quality solutions that are proposed to address safety issues better!


To innovate and integrate the best of the team with the most sophisticated technology to serve the world, the very best of product range.


The world needs the conscious corporate citizens who understand the world of ecology and work towards environment sustainable practises. Admire Fibertex, cares for the cause and shall strive to make our production process eco-friendly.

Our Team

We are supported by a highly qualified team which consists of experts and specialists to provide only the highest quality product.
Our dynamic team believes in Reuse, Reduce and Recycle and encourage our partners and buyers for the same


We are the holders of the largest capacity plants equipped with latest technology to produce PP spun bond non-woven fabric. Admire Fibertex can provide width upto 4200MM. Production Capacity 14000 Metric Ton / Year.